Lego Playbox

The Lego Playbox is a project that I designed along with Joseph Hein and Cecilia Peake in 2015 for the Young Ones Advertising Competition. We worked towards a brand relationship building campaign through the logo design and advertisement components. These designs are not officially endorsed or affiliated by Lego.

The Lego Playbox is used in Lego test Stores throughout Europe and the US in 2015. The Playbox is a box filled with games for children to participate in the store throughout the day. The playbox’s overall purpose is to build a lasting relationship with the customers that enter the store. To do so, the Lego Playbox Platinum Prize campaign was comprised.

When a child participates in a Lego Playbox game, he or she will blindly draw a Lego from the Playbox. The child will either draw a blue, red, yellow, or the coveted platinum colored Lego that correspond with which sticker prize they will receive. If he draws the platinum Lego, he will receive not only a platinum sticker, but a special limited edition Lego Playset.

Along with the stickers as a fun prize and a type of advertising, there will be posters throughout the mall and inside the stores. These advertising posters target those who are not already visiting the stores. It targets those who do not already have the relationship with Lego that so many do.