Purina Rebrand

The purpose of this rebranding is to reach the pet lovers who want their pets to have healthy food from a company that is proud to be a part of the family. The primary visual element of the current Purina Logo is a red and white checkerboard pattern that is indicative of heritage, but is now outdated. The conceptual direction for this rebrand is “Pets are not just pets, they’re family.”

When choosing pet food, pet owners have to think about whether their pets enjoy the food as well as the overall quality of the food that they provide. Prominently placed within the packaging, the ‘seal of approval’ immediately reassures the consumer that their special pets are going to love Purina. The pet images placed on the back of the packaging reinforce this by accompanying testimonial pet stories that convey emotional connections between pets, their food, and their families.  As pet lovers experience various aspects of this brand, they will be reminded of the relationships people build with their pets; the special bond that Purina proudly strengthens.