Southern Exposure

Southern Exposure is an exhibition catalogue I helped design in collaboration with a team of peers. The creative process began by taking photos of the artists’ books and with the collection of the artists’ statements. In order to equalize the importance of each artists’ book, small color bars serve as navigational elements for the reader. Each navigational color selected corresponds directly to the colors within the artist books.

Within the juror’s statement, she spoke about the textures and colors of the artist books. She believed that was an important part of appreciating artist books. Because the viewer cannot actually pick up the fragile books during the exhibition, the catalogue attempts to convey the textural qualities of each book by including close-up images of each book being held by a viewer.

Printed on matte paper, the textural quality of the catalogue further enhances the viewer’s near-physical experience with the artist books. Through the use of a flexible grid, I created the layouts for each page of the catalogue. These layouts are specific to each artist’s book so that the different qualities and dimensions are demonstrated and even highlighted. Each book is unique, and so each page’s layout became unique as the reader flips through the pages. This way, the reader is allowed to fully experience the exhibition.

Southern Exposure was printed at Classic Graphics with an edition of 2,000 copies and was awarded the PICA Award (Print Industry of the Carolinas): Best of Category- Pro Bono